As more and more UK businesses outgrow their telecommunications solutions, they begin to look for an alternative that offers more flexibility, reliability and value for money.

So does SIP outperform ISDN.

The growth in the SIP trunk market has been one of the success stories of recent times and the pace of the market seems to show no sign of declining at the moment.
SIP continues to be one of our most popular products.
We are seeing more interest in SIP from our customers than any other communications enquiry.

Originally SIP trunks had a bad reputation for reliability, but the technology is now extremely robust and reliable. We are seeing market demand for SIP growing particularly amongst the small and medium sized businesses that recognise the cost benefits and know they can now have confidence in the networks performance. Customers now see that there are so many other benefits that SIP provides beyond cost savings that support the decision to move from ISDN to SIP.