We believe training on your new system is as important as the installation itself.

ECS offer full user training at all levels to ensure the customer takes full advantage of the feature rich technology purchased.

We believe unless the customer has full knowledge of how to use and apply the technology implemented, then they are no further forward in the goal to maximize efficiency and productivity in the work place.

That is why we employ professional trainers after installation.

If the customer has its own IT department, we can also give over view “programming” training on the system installed to a designated employee. This gives the customer the driving seat to make swaps and changes without making a phone call.

Over time employees who have full knowledge of the system may leave and be replaced by new staff. These new employees rarely get full training, as it is overlooked because the majority of staff have the knowledge. In this instance, some times an additional training day, say 12 months after installation, can ensure optimum use is made of your telecoms, and can be a refresher for others.

Attendees are given a complete set of training materials, both to use during the training sessions, and to keep as invaluable future reference. Once they have finished their training, System Administrators will be fully equipped to assist in the transition to new products and to access and use all the features on the system. The System Administrator will also be able to manage and administer the system on an ongoing basis, performing moves, changes, and rearrangements via the administrative terminal (PM5).