Customer Complaints Code

ECS Telecom are committed to providing you with exceptional customer service. We accept, at times, things may not go to the expectations of our customers. If this is the case, we want to know as soon as possible so we can correct any issues quickly and put preventative measures in place.

How to Register a Complaint

You can contact us by using the following methods:

By phone : Please call our Billing Team on 01925 646300

We will try to resolve your issue whilst you are on the call. If we are unable to resolve at first point, the appropriate escalation path will be followed to ensure the speediest resolution to your complaint

By letter : If you prefer to write, please send your letter to the address below.
Make sure you include the account number and telephone number of the service you are complaining about.

ECS Telecom

Warrington Business Park
Long Lane

We prefer to contact you by phone or email, but will gladly confirm any particular points in writing, should you prefer.

By email:

Via our website at

The Next Steps

Our aim is to resolve any problem you may have to your satisfaction.

If our team is unable to achieve this on the initial call we will agree a plan of action with you.

If you are unhappy with the resolution proposed by the team, your complaint will be reviewed by the Team Leader. He or she will work with you to identify a satisfactory solution.

If the Team Leader is unable to provide a satisfactory resolution, they will discuss your complaint with a Director.

We aim to resolve your complaint within 14 working days of receipt. We will keep you updated throughout the progress of the complaint, at regular & agreed intervals.

If we are unable to resolve the complaint to your satisfaction, we will issue a “Deadlock” letter, stating we are unable to reach a satisfactory resolution. At this point, or if eight weeks have passed since initially making your complaint with no plan of action, you may make a complaint to the
Ombudsman Services: Communications
This is an independent alternative dispute resolution scheme (ADR). We can provide you with details of this service. You can utilise this service at no cost to yourself or your business.

Ombudsman Services: Communications

Ombudsman Services: Communications provides an independent service to customers who are not satisfied with the resolution of their complaint made. You must make your complaint to Ombudsman Services: Communications within 6 months of receiving a “Deadlock” letter. If you have not received a “Deadlock” letter you must contact Ombudsman Services: Communications within 9 months of issuing a complaint to ECS Telecom.

Contact Details for Ombudsman Services: Communications:

The best way to contact them is via the website

Phone: 0330 440 1614

If you need to write to them, you can do so using the following addresses

Post: Ombudsman Services: Communications

PO Box 730

Fax: 01925 430 059


Ofcom is the regulatory body for the communications industry. Ofcom oversees our service provision within the terms of the Communications Act 2003 that are relevant to us.